Put simply, mixology is a word meaning to mix drinks. However, mixology is much more than simply stirring two liquids together or shaking up a cocktail.

The very definition of mixology according to Merriam-Webster is “the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks”. Preparing the perfect mixed drink is certainly an art and a skill.

These days, mixology is a common term in the bar scene, with many bartenders often referring to themselves as mixologists. It’s a title with controversy as some feel it’s used to give an air of superiority or to indicate a specialism in mixed drinks, as opposed to pulling pints and churning out orders in a busy bar.

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Generally, though, mixologists are just people who focus their efforts and attention on learning and evolving cocktail recipes and mixed drinks.

Mixologists thrive on the process of creating a cocktail. They are fanatical about practicing and perfecting their skill, impressing their guests with flourish and technique, and serving delicious mixed drinks that are memorable.

You don’t need to work in a bar to consider yourself a mixologist.

Mixology is something you can practice at home, in your back-garden bar or in the kitchen.

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