How to Choose the Best Mixology Supplies & Where to Find Them

Mojito cocktail making showing the use of Mixology Supplies

When it comes to making the perfect cocktail, many factors come into play. Finding a recipe online and whipping it up seems easy, but mastering your technique and choosing the right mixology supplies is what will turn an average cocktail into a perfected masterpiece. 

Now, behind every cocktail is a story, and carefully choosing all the elements to curate your story, is when the magic happens. Let’s get into how to choose the right mixology supplies, and where to source them! 

Essential mixology supplies:

1. Barware

Barware is one of the most crucial mixology supplies as it ensures the right consistency and balance for each different type of cocktail. Not only does it do this, but it also contributes to the performative nature of cocktail making. The way you curate it becomes a part of the cocktail’s character and story. Take a look at our 7 Piece Professional Cocktail Set, if you need to update your barware to take things to a new level. 

2. Quality glassware

Using the right glassware is what will ensure the perfect cocktail experience. There’s a reason to use a low ball glass for a bitter pre-dinner Negroni or a delicate Martini glass for a Summer afternoon Cosmopolitan - it directly affects the taste. 

Study after study has shown that the way a glass is shaped affects how the liquid hits our mouth and in what state. For example, a low ball glass is gripped with the whole hand, which warms the liquid a little. 

The glass you choose will also reflect the quality of the venue and how luxurious it feels for the guest! Here’s a guide on where to order the best cocktail glassware from. 

3. Premium ingredients

Using premium spirits and fresh ingredients is what will distinguish you from other aspiring mixologists. Whether it be using freshly pressed lemon juice for a Margarita, or organic olives from your local market for a Martini - premium ingredients can turn your cocktail into a crafted masterpiece. 

When it comes to spirits, we suggest doing your research on the best quality products and not getting caught up on fancy bottles or packaging. 

Have a look at the labels, and choose the one you think will complement the drink you are making. Have a look at this guide to buying the best cocktail spirits. 

4. Garnishes

When it comes to honoring your cocktail in the way you serve it, attention to detail will go a long way. 

Not only does a garnish add to the aesthetic, but it also creates an aroma and adds a subtle flavor to the cocktail. 

You could either use modest garnishes such as edible flowers or citrus twists, or you could choose to be bolder with creative garnishes such as meringue or fairy floss! 

Be mindful that the garnish will add to the sensory character of the cocktail, and choosing a garnish that doesn’t clash with the drink is important. 

We recommend sourcing your garnishes from local farmers’ markets or specialty stores such as The Cocktail Garnish or, you can get creative and make your own!

Now that you have some insight on how to choose the best mixology supplies and where to find them, it’s time to put them to the test! If you need a professional cocktail kit to master your skills with, head over to our Amazon shop. 

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